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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  November 10, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. a fast-moving fire destroys a home in contra costa county, raising questions about how quickly firefighters will respond after voters rejected more money for fire crews. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello again everyone i'm heather holmes. >> firefighters in contra costa county battled huge flames that destroyed a mobile home and threatened to spread to others. eric rasmussen is in pacheco. >> reporter: heather, just over this wall
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you can see how badly everything here was burned. firefighters got here quickly, but some worry if the response was any slower it could have spread to other homes and neighbors next door to actually feel the heat from this fire. within minutes flames engulfed this home in the sun valley mobile-home park in pacheco. firefighters got the call just after 11:00 a.m.. neighbors used whatever they could to try to help. >> that tree right there, if they hadn't watered that down, it would have come over and got my home. >> reporter: no one was inside at the time, but next door neighborhood penny kirby who says the woman who lived there with her son lost everything. >> he i went oh, my god, you know? she has been here, maybe ten years. she has lost her husband, you know and now her home. it's like oh, i feel so, so sorry for her. >> reporter: to give you an idea of the intensity of the fire, right next door we can show you where the side of the cooler was
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actually bubbling from the heat. three engineer companies with the contra costa county fire protection district arrived in minutes and kept the flames from spreading to other homes, but firefighters acknowledged that they will soon have to do more with less. department plans to close four stations in january after voters said no to a new parcel tax designed to fill a $16 million budget hole. >> a couple of the units that were there, are potentially slated for closure. and that is a concern and we'll have to reduce the amount of resources that we send to structure fires. >> reporter: department has not yet announced which of its stations will be closing in january. firefighters are still investigating the cause of this fire. but they have ruled out arson. live in pacheco, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. fire investigators in alameda county are looking into the cause of a two-alarm fire that raced through a home in
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newark this afternoon. crews responded at 2:30. firefighters say that the fire appeared to start in the garage and spread to the roof and side of the house. the homeowner says workers doing renovation inside the home alerted him. >> they were outside and the door on the garage was shut, and you couldn't smell smoke in the house it was that fast. >> reporter: everyone got out safely. fire crews say that the fire does not appear to be suspicious. the damage is estimated alternate least $175,000. several residents of a san josi apartment building are out of their homes after a two- alarm fire early this morning. san josi fire officials say they got the call before 1:00 and rush to the apartment complex. firefighters say one unit was destroyed. no one was hurt. and the cause of this fire is also under investigation. a southwest airlines flight that took off from oakland ran into trouble after landing in denver. officials at denver airport say that the boeing 737 slid off the taxiway and onto a snow-
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covered grassy area moments after landing. parks who say they were aboard the plane tweeted pictures and one person said she knew something was wrong when she heard a strange noise. >> you heard rumbling and the plane went sideways and next thing we were off in the ditch. >> flight 1905 took off this afternoon from oakland airport with 125 passengers and crew member as board. a cold weather system was moving through the area at time and conditions were deteriorating. there were freezing temperatures and about a quarter le visibility. a shoot mg oakland last night killed an 18-year-old man. witnesses say the shots rang out when a car pulled up next to the victim's vehicle, just after 7:00 p.m. they say the gunman fired several rounds into the vehicle. the oakland tribune reports that victim was sitting in his car, parked outside of his own home when he was shot. so far police have not made any
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arrests. san josi police say a man suspected of killing his wife yesterday was found dead today. authorities say 50-year-old troy edward nosenzo was found dead inside his car this afternoon on highway 129 west of highway 101. they say it appears he intentionally overdose sleeping pills. nosenzo was suspected of killing his wife yesterday. the wife's name was not released. that killing was san josi's 41st homicide this year. a boisterous group of protesters marched to oakland police headquarters demanding an end to what they describe as police violence. as ktvu's john sasaki tells us that the marchers included union members that are threaten strong action if it their calls are not heard. >> reporter: hundreds of people started their afternoon outside of oakland city hall protesting police brutality. >> we're not going to go away and just take this laying down. >> reporter: it was all in the name of 1-
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year-old alan blueford who was hit is-shot and killed by an oakland police officer last may. >> opd has systematic problems that they refuse to address and we're beyond the point that we need to address the issues. the blueford family and their supporters have held similar rallies, but today they had support from unions, including longshoremen. >> those were the kind of actions that the labor movement needs to take to put an end to this kind of police broughtality. it's happening too often. >> reporter: the protesters marched throughout oakland. >> alan was the light in this world. am was a good boy. >> reporter: alan blueford's mother led the way. >> we want justice for our son. >> reporter: prosecutors declined to file
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charges saying that officer masso acted in self-defense. oakland police are targeted by the often incendiary rhetoric. >> my job is to make sure that their message can be heard no matter what it might be. >> reporter: captain downing would not comment on the case. a candlelight vigil is scheduled to remember 19-year- old luis calleros. his body was found tuesday nightnize an ended auto repair shop in hayward. tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. family and friends to remember him. a young man was hospitalized laf night after drive-by shooting two blocks east of willow road. say say the 23-year-old victim was in a parked car with friends when other car drove
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past and someone inside opened fire. the victim is at a hospital in stable condition. so far no arrests have been made. starting next week state officials say arrest warrants for thousands of parole violators will get a second look. a department of correction spokesperson tells the los angeles times that parole on or befores will review about 7,000 warrants issued for felons, convicted of nonviolent offenses. critics say it's the equivalent of amnesty for parole violators. . in weather temperatures have been dropping off rapidly this evening of here is a look at current numbers for the 10:00 hour. you notice host areas are in the 40s to low 50s, but in the past hours we're seeing 30s towards santa rosa, novato, napa and in the fairfield area. we're talking about a frost advisory as we head into early
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sunday morning. derek jeters about that frost advisory begins at 2:00, lasting until:00 a.m. sunday. this in place for the north bay mountains and valleys where temperatures will be dropping back down into the upper 20s to lower 30s, 29-32 degrees. here is a look at the projects lows and look at up ther 20s. in fact, i have dropped them a bit more towards santa rosa and napa. 29 degrees. oakland readings in the lower 40s. definitely want to bundle up. so definitely be prepared to wake up to very cold numbers first thing tomorrow. the afternoon will be a different story, coming up the neighborhoods that will warm up to near 60 degrees and what shower chances return in our five-day forecast. two water mains burst this morning, sending water gushing onto a palo alto street. it happened at the intersection of walnut drive and newell
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road. the floodwaters seeped through the side waul of one home, cause major damage. utility workers dug up the street to romove and rea replace one of the old cast- iron pipes that broke. they say freezing temperatures overnight may have caused the pipes to burst. you can check the weather where you live anytime. just visit and click on the weather tab. there you will find the latest weather alerts once they are issuedy awarping tonight about the dangers of toxic wild mushrooms. jade hernandez tells us that would people died near sacramento after eating soup made with the poisonous mushrooms. >> reporter: nestled within the san francisco ferry building, they offer education and says there is nothing to fear if you know what you are eating and where you are eating them from. >> i don't want just pick a mushroom. >> reporter: because it can be deadly.
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a caretaker at this senior care home at loomis prepared soup with wild mushrooms. two residents aged 76 and 83 died. four others including the caregiver got sick. sheriff's deputies ruled the deaths accidental. tonight, we found this customer willing to admit at least once she has picked and eaten wild mushrooms. >> i do see a lot of big mushrooms in my backyard. >> reporter: this specialty shop sells posters iguodala poisonous and edible ones, but it means leaving the picking to the experts. >> in the bay area there are three society and you go there and pay a yearly fee and think help educate you ho how dodo that. >> reporter: the three most deadly mushrooms are posted on the site.
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so enjoying mushrooms doesn't have to be deadly. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. it was beyond awesome. it was fun. i will do it again. >> taking flight. or trying to. how a little engineering and a lot of ingenuity came together in san francisco. the state of florida has finally called and it goes to president obama of the just how close the race was in the sunshine state? sunshine state? al [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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. thousands came out to catch a glimpse of the whacky and weird at the red bull flugtag in san francisco. some of the ep homemade flying machines hoping to take flight at mccovey cove. >> reporter: some are feats of aerodynamics and engineering, others, not so much. this is flugtag which means i frying day,"," in german. the pthe ptechshop pteronaut are using their skills as builders to launch a pterodactyl. >> we now how to build stuff. >> reporter: then there is team oracle usa which knows more about sailing than flying, following a crash that destroyed their racing boat in october, they decided to take the remnants to make a plane. still they say rescuers are ready for them. >> they have already practiced pulling us out of water a few weeks ago. so it will be nothing new to tem. >> reporter:
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for many here this day was only partly about the flying, but for others it was the spectacle. are the costumes and choreography. this was team hydro-bago's third attempt. >> anybody who tells you that they have control over how their thing is flying isn't telling the truth. >> reporter: this team's winner, team movember and creativity was important too. >> it was beyond awesome. it was fun. >> reporter: in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. and if you want to see more of this and who doesn't, go to for more videos and interviews from today's red
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bull flugtag event. officers are looking into a suspicious person last night in the sierra meadows neighborhood and that is when officers came upon a home with least 30,000 pots inside. police say the marijuana was packaged for sale and it's estimated with a street value of $75,000. one person was arrest. >> tonight the oakland raiders are coping with the loss of a family member. raiders announced that 1414- year-old tyson williams the son of defensive coach terrell williams had died. the nature of his illness was not released. today head coach dennis allen said, "we're all deeply saddened by the passing of tyson and our deepest simpthinks to terrell and his entire family." the warrior's new waterfront arena would be a slam-dunk for
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city covers. according to a report from the board of supervisors legislative analyst says an additional $19 million for year to be made if the multiuse arena hosts other events, such as concerts more than half of the year. next week the board's budget committee will consider whether to move forward with an environmental impact report for the arena at piers 30-32. turning to election 2012 it as we close race, but there will be no ballot recount in florida. today the florida secretary of state announced president obama won the state. the president got 50% of the vote to mitt romney's 49.1%. that margin is large enough to avoid triggering an auto recounty and gives president obama a total of 332 eerector vote and victories in eight of the nine swing states. just days after washington
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state voters to legalize marijuana, the law doesn't take effect until december, but officials in kings county say they are already living bit new rules. county prosecutor ys he is making sure is that current and pending misdemeanor marijuana possession cases are not left in legal limbo. >> we identified about 175 cases and decided to dismiss them today. >> also today the county sheriff's office announced it's no longer making minor marijuana arrests. calling for an end to a controversial program. coming up in just 12 minutes, the push to end a federal program that targets immigrants. new details are emerging about the fbi investigation that ended the career of cia director david petraeus. the cia was looking into a report by an unidentified woman that paula broadwell was sending her harassing e-mail. broadwell is an army reserve officer who wrote a recent
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biography of petraeus. >> obviously it's going to an emotional effect. in terms of the agency doing its job, no, not at all. with regard to general petraeus career history will judge that. more details now about the woman petraeus had an affair with, paula broadwell, the 40-year-old is a married mother of two and the charlotte observer reports that she moved with husband to charlotte, north carolina about three years ago. according so sources she made trips to
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afghanistan to interview him unr and his staff for a biography. republicans accuse the white house of failing to provide adequate diplomatic security overseas. now some lawmakers are expressing disappointment that petraeus will not testify and, in fact, the new acting cia director mikemoreell is scheduled to take his place. >> frankly, you want the agency to testify. you want someone who is knowledgeable about the events and what the agency knew, what the agency did and mike morell is fully qualified to do that. atm bass dor chris stevens and three other americans died in that attack in benghazi. >> the president of defense
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company lockheed martin has forced to resign. he was scheduled to become ceo of the maryland-based company in january. lockheed martin says the relationship violated the company's code of ethics, tempers flare up and down the east coast. >> what do we want? we want power. when do we want it? we want it now. >> hundreds demonstrate in long island ore more than just the lack of electricity. >> this is the best time of my life. i have never been happier than i am today. >> why 1500 people are braving cold temperatures by camping outside for days?
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. patience is wearing thin for the thousands of east coast residents still without power. here we are nearly two week after that devastating superstorm sandy. >> what do we want? we want power? what do we want it? we want it now? hundreds of people angry over the long wait to have power restored protested outside the long island utility company. more than 175,000 households in new jersey alone are still powerless. despite promises by governor chris christie that power would be back on by now. >> i can't get power, heat, garage pick up, nothing. >> utility officials say repair work is going as fast as possible. they say about 6400 linemen and 3700 tree trimmers are at work. compare that with the 200 linemen on a typical day.
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in news of the world in sri lanka gun toting prisoners and commandos swept into the prison and regained control. today people marked malala day, mallalla yousufzai was shot last month and is making steady progress in a british hospital where she was airlifted for treatment after the that,. doctors say despite the bullet passion through her head and neck she is able to talk. they are still assessing the amount of brain damage she discover boulevard thereafter in britain a 16-year-old boy
11:58 pm
convicted of using disguises to carry out robberies has been sentenced to prison. he was also convicted of robbing another julie store the month before, but that time he wore false dreadlocks. they say alura uses fake prosthetics. people in can't say it was an earthquake that they will remember. >> we have this terrific -- i thought it was going to throw me out of chair i was sitting in. >> i was scared to death it would fall on us. >> in tennessee, some workers at the y-12 nuclear weapons plant in oakridge intelligent the temblor, but a spokesman says the plant was not impact impacted.
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>> i aseries of long letters penned by a young mick jagger to the mother of his first child are going on the auction block. jagger writes about the poems of emily dickinson and describes meeting writer christopher isherwood and hunt says she is selling the letters because she broke. the letters are expected to go for up to $160,000. >> it's it's being called the world's biggest sleep over as fans get ready for the latest movie of a beloved series. hundreds of twilight fans are camping out at the staples center in los angeles waiting for monday' big premiere of "breaking dawn part ii." it's the final film based on the popular vampire books. campers are enjoying some freebies including outdoor screening of the previous "twilight" moves. >> this is the best time of my left. >> i have never been happier than i am today.
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it's unbelievable and we haven't even gotten to the stars yesterday. >> tomorrow stars are expected to visit the camp ahead of monday's big premiere. they are called super seniors college students who say way too long and why the cal state system may chart start to charge them. the special tribute today at the u.s.s. hornet for one very well-known veteran. >> a reminder you can get ktvu news good morning! wow.
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this morning the alameda county united in defense ip grant rights
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coalition held a community forum about their campaign. the program accepts fingerprints of people arrested to immigration and customs enforcement to be deported atch a community organize say because of the program, victims of crimes are afraid to call for help. >> that is not justice. it's not fair. and it erodes the trust that the community has with the police. >> in september governor jerry brown vetoed a bill that would limit the use of the program, but pledged to work on a new version. a heroic less city council member reportedly faces censure anyway free speech controversy. the contra costa time says the council resolution will accuse moynea de vera of unethical conduct. de vera denied taking action, but later apologized for the perception of trying to stifle free speech. it has now been six days
12:04 am
since thousands of union workers at the raley's went on strike. a spokesperson told ktvu news that union never let its members vote on the officer. raley's workers say one of the major stick points in their negotiations is keeping their health care plan the way it is. the occupy cal encampment was cleared out. the occupiers returned to sproul plaza to mark one year after it was broken up. protesters accused the officers of excessive force and filed a lawsuit which is still fending. students who take too long to graduate from california state university could face higher fees. the board of trustees is expected to vote on the fee for
12:05 am
super seniors. cal state says it needs to make room for new undergraduates. students say that is not fair because they say classes are not offers as much as before due to budget cuts. the u.s.s. horn yet honored the late neal armstrong. the floating museum celebrated the grand re-opening of its apollo exhibit. the hornet recovered the astronauts. he served several years in the navy and went on to become a test pilot and then of course, went to work for nasa and became an astronaut and achieved the ultimate. >> today's festivities
12:06 am
including a flyover by an historic aircraft. downtown castro valley boulevard officially re-opened, showing off its new led lights, new trees and planters. the multi-million streetscape project included reconfiguring traffic lanes, widening sidewalks and adding bike lanes in the area from san miguel area to redwood road. >> a holiday tradition gets a little bit of a test run today. some of the new characters debuting in this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. too many bills?
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think you can't afford auto insurance? did you know there's a state program that makes it possible to get liability insurance for under 400 dollars a year? good drivers owning a vehicle valued at 20,000 or less who meet the income requirements may qualify for the state of california's low cost automobile insurance program. find out if you qualify. call 866-602-8861. do you qualify? great! what are you waiting for? call 866-602-8861. . the new balloons for the mace macies a thanksgiving day
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parade were inflated and taken out for a test drive. this will be the debut year for characters hello kitty, the elf on the shev and papau smurf, the new kids on block will float long side some old favors including buzz lightiar, spider-man and kermit the frog. >> you don't need to get up here to see what the weather looks like. >> you want to guess the current temperature in truckee right now? >> cold. >> 25. >> 25. >> what is it? >> i have to step over to the side to show you. it's cold in truckee with temperatures colder than 25. i will reveal the numbers and right now it's 9 degrees. heather is going to be on with that 9 degrees projection. here we go, we have the frost
12:10 am
advisory post for the north bay, hills and also for the valleys. overnight lows once again starting out sunday morning in the upper 20s to right around 30 degrees. fairfield 36 degrees. hayward 47 and definitely want to bundle up again, tomorrow morning probably a little cooler than this morning. the highs from today, 50s to lower 60s, san josi 62. some lower 60s up in santa rosa. tonight fair skies, chilly out there. tomorrow morning frost. skies partly sunny, a few high clouds and then the extended clouds and sunshine. first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00 this will most like be the coldest hour of the day. start the day in the 30s and 40s. santa rosa and napa, 29 degrees. as we take this into the
12:11 am
afternoon hours, temperatures back into the 50s and 60s. this green contour links up with the lower 60s,60-62. what has been causing this cold weather? the area of low pressure is beginning to kick out of town, but that cold air continues to filter into northern california. into sunday, a dry forecast, still on the cold side. also a few high clouds on the increase as we head into the afternoon hours. in fact, here is our forecast model showing you some of the high clouds. by-:00 you will notice it's dry. into monday we could be tracking a few sprinkles primarily from the north. it looks like the bulk of the energy is up to the north. for the niners game, temperatures in the upper 50s. so after that cold start tomorrow morning these numbers will be in the upper 50s to
12:12 am
right around 60 degrees. san josi 60. santmeta, 59 santmateo, 59. another cold morning, probably not as chilly as tomorrow morning and then we thicken up the high clouds. there is a slight chance of showers on wednesday and then make a chance of showers on thursday. tomorrow for veteran's day, temperatures on the coal side first thing tomorrow morning. by the way, the projected low in truckee tomorrow morning, 1 below. >> wow, that is cold. don't feel so bad here. unique arts and crafts were the draw for shoppers aharvest festival in san mateo. organizers say thousands of unique items are for sale, range from jewelry to wooden toys. all of the items are made by hand by artisans. >> they send the entire spring
12:13 am
creating them at their workshops. you can buy them at harvest festival or go o-loan and find their art. event continues tomorrow in san mateo and the weekend after thanksgiving, the harvest festival will re-open at the san josi convention center. check these folks out. dozens gathered at sprouls fromma to watch uc berkeley's competitive dance team. next saturday they host the urban dance competition in which they previously placed third. good luck to them. well, it was upset saturday in college football. so was cal able to pull off the upset against oregon?
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap of the new season is just a few days old and warrior fans more than got their money's worth at the coliseum arena, if not a win. david lee doing a lot of this these days with the injury problems at center. lee down the lane with a twisting move for 2 of his 18 points, but the warriors trailed by 11 after a quarter. final seconds of the first half, jack swaps the ball from andre iguodala. jack with the lob and warriors down just 1 at halftime. fast-forward to the 4th quarter. the nuggets went on an 8-0 lead to take the lead. faried with the bucket and it was denver by 3 with four
12:17 am
minutes left. the warriors would rally. jack ties the game in regulation. that sent it to overtime. tied at 86. in ot, steph curry playing with five fouls late in the game, but went to a second overtime. in double overtime, with 36 seconds left, the nuggets refused to die and came back to win this one. warriors outscored 13-7 in the second overtime. they are now 3-4, just 1-2 at home. norm nba story worth noting the lakers have confirm that -- well, let's go to cal instead. let's go back to the lakers. they have confirm that they are talking to 11-time nba champion phil jackson about returning to
12:18 am
the team as the head keefe for the team. mike brown was fired on thursday and at the time has been replaced by ernie bickerstaff. bridgeford getting his second career start for the bears against oregon and delivered a touchdown pass that tied the game the 7. bridgeford's furious collegiate pass goes to first coor touchdown by darrius poe. byron marshall immediately responded with a 3-yard touchdown run and the ducks with a lead at halftime. cal.together a nice drive to open the second half. the bears went 74 yards in nine plays; 24-17, but the duck put the heat on bridgeford and forced the turnovers. the pick is was picked off and oregon gets the ball at the cal
12:19 am
35. the ducks known for their speed and it's on display here. oregon's improves to 10-0. under 7 minutes left in the game, and oregon is leading 52- 17. well, let's hear from the state of oregon, you could have taken in a double today before the oregon-cal game in berkeley. oregon state played at stanford. 17 seibers made the walk to the stadium as they were honored in what covtheir last home-game. red-shirt freshman kevin hogan got his first start at quarterback. stanford had a 7-0 lead. taylor would rush for 114 yards on the day. the cardinals went up 14-0. hogan finds hewitt. 14-0 lead. but then the beavers went on a scoring run of their own. former de la salle product ward find and opening from the 7. 14-
12:20 am
7, the beavers up 14-10 at the half. they went in front in the 3rd quarter. vaz on 3rd and long finds marcus wheaton, who makes it 17- 13. then it was stanford's turn to respond. hogan to taylor. taylor as good as anybody in the open field. stanford within 2 at 23-21. then a huge break. vaz wants to pass for the beavers, but loses control of the ball when he is hit. josh morrow there to recover. stanford is in business. then with a little more than 5 minutes to play, hogan finds zach ertz for the touchdown pass,27-23 and that was the final. cardinals 6-2 in the conference. it's a tall order, but stanford can control the pac-12 north with a win next week at oregon
12:21 am
and keep its hopes alive for the rose bowl. usc hopes to have something to say about that as well in the south of the trojans fell behind arizona state and struck quick lymph everybody knows how dangerous marquiss lee is. they are 7-3 and in the pac-12 hunt in the south. well, it hasn't exactly been most talked about story in college, but san josi state has put together a great season that should land the spartans in a pretty good gaol. quarterback david fales with four touchdowns, tieing clarkson for the school's all-time record. he hit jones for the screen, 24- 0. more of the same fales to his fullback ina liaina and he goes 58 yards to the end
12:22 am
zone. was 3 1-0. and then on the next series for the aggies, their quarterback andrew manley's is picked up by the spartan's benwikere. the spartans are 8-2, 4-1 in the wac. the championship picture in college football took a dramatic turn when no. 1 team in the country lost for the first time. packed house in tuscaloosa to see alabama host texas a&m. johnny manziel somehow keeps this play alive and avoids the sack. he spots ryan swoop in the back of end zone. you knew that the tide would come back. a.j. mccarron to cooper, who tooks it to the end zone. a&m's lead shrunk to 29-246789 alabama got the ball back. inside 2 minutes to go on 4th
12:23 am
and goal. mccarron as pass is picked off by deshazor everett and the aggies hang on for the win and the title picture gets a shake- up with alabama with its first loss. another important game in fort worth, texas, where klein enhanced his heisman trophy credentials. kansas state wins-10 and will most likely be no. 1 in the nation next week. still to come on this saturday night edition of sportswrap. a story of survival on the golf course with a deadly disease.
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i was one of them. my disease was obesity and after consulting with my doctor, i received the effective treatment i needed. please join the obesity action coalition to acknowledge obesity as a disease visit obesity action dot org to sign an open letter pledging your support and for more information about how to talk to your doctor about weight loss and treatment options. together we can make a choice to end obesity now. a public service from the obesity action coalition. after bye-week the 49ers are well-rest and head into the
12:27 am
second half of the season. the opponent tomorrow at candlestick park is the st. louis rams and that means the stephen jackson has rushed for over a thousand years for seven straight years, but this season, his ninth in the nfl he is a little off on that pace. there isn't one person who will take him lightly. >> to go against him twice a yeah, this dude is big. i remember watching him at oregon state and playing against him for the first time and that is the same guy that you see in college doing his thing and now he is here and running the ball. he is a great competitor and each time we play against him it's always great competition. they compete and we know this sunday they will come out with everything that they have, and try to get a w. but you know, it's up to us not to let that happen. >> here is what shaping on channel 2 on fox starting with
12:28 am
the fox pregame show, followed by the early game, atlanta and new orleans. then in the afternoon, the 49ers and rams followed by the point after all right here on channel 2. 24 hours has made a huge difference for golfer charlie beljan who was suffering from what diagnosed as an anxiety attack. he finished his round and went to the hospital, where we got one hour sleep. look much better today for the 3rd round. he set himself up for another birdie with this approach. he shot a 71, good enough to lead the tournament by two strokes. he is 139th on the money list, but needs to be in the top 125 to earn his playing card for next year. south bay product cung le went to china to fake on
12:29 am
middleweight champion rich franklin. it didn't last long. le connects and it's lights out. that was the first ufc bout in china and le gave the chinese something to remember and that will do it for this saturday night edition of sportswrap. see you again tomorrow at candlestick. >> that is our report for tonight everyone. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> i'm excited about the 49ers. >> join us for the latest on the frost advisory. >> bundle up. >> and we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you tomorrow night. >> good night.
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